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Let's start a description of the topic with the famous quote of Nikola Tesla "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration".


A quote that we still do not understand today. Many research projects aimed at obtaining clear answers in the meantime, many innovators are looking for the inspiration for Tesla's legacy for their own innovations, and many individuals are browsing their own self in order to understand themselves or in order to improve their energy potential for better perceptions of the world around them. However, the picture of the current devalued, including the business world, shows us that we have not yet discovered the secrets of the universe in the sense that it is understood from Tesla's quotation.


Leaders and management can have a significant impact on the image of the world and on the values of society. Therefore, it makes sense to us that managers also look at themselves and even innerselves and then into the systems that lead them. The famous Deepak Chopra greatly contributed to the popularization of spirituality in management, the same also yoga, feng shui, tai chi, qi gong and other practitioners of complementary methods penetrating the business world. In addition to all these methods, we should expose the systemic constellations method of Bert Hellinger, which has been later upgraded for business purposes by Jan Jakob Stam and others. In Slovenia, the method of business systemic constellations has been brought by Natasa Čebulj. Already at the first meeting with the method and without any knowledge and preliminary preparations, the method surprised with the clarity of the messages and the depth of insights into a particular business situation.


The common denominator of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world is, among others, the use of combinations of quantum and other complementary methods. The available set of methods is wide, and each of us can find the most appropriate method for itself at a given moment. Our intention is to collect, analyze and test complementary methods that have been established in business practices in Slovenia and abroad, and transfer knowledge, experience and practices, either through training programmes or through professional contents published on the WOTRA Focus - Development Navigator portal.



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